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You've Got Red on You! Look

You've Got Red on You!

by Tsewyou ( 393 ) – see all looks
  • Headdress: Alice and the Pirates
  • Cutsew: Alice and the Pirates
  • JSK: Surface Spell Gothic
  • Wristcuff: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
  • Petticoat + Bloomer: Metamorphose
  • Socks: Metamorphose
  • Shoes: Offbrand
  • Umbrella: Metamorphose
Title is from a quote from a fav movie ever, Shaun of the Dead.
Thought it was appropriate for this coord, lol.

A really big improvised outfit.
First of all, the JSK isn't mine, I borrowed it from a friend (thanks to her <3).
The roses and feathers are from the headdress I wear, but used it as a corsage.
Took a bow + roses from a friend (lol) and put it on the said headdress.
And finally, the shoes are Katiana's. Brought only one of my RHS... the other one did fall out of my bag in my room. Fail.
Posted July 31, 2011

Comments on This Look

I definitely think it's for the best that you forgot one of your RHS! This is quite an elegant outfit, and I feel like the brown/beige/whatever of the platform would've brought that down.
I really like how you used the roses to accent the neckline of the dress, since that style with the ties is one you don't see too often from the mainstream Japanese brands anymore.
I do think that an over the knee sock or lace tights would've brought this up another level, the gap between the top of your socks and the hem of your skirt is fairly dramatic. The longer socks or tights would, to my mind, add a really nice element of visual length to the silhouette.

if that makes any sense lmao

<3 that's a really pretty dress on you! but yeah agree on more solid black on the legs,so some kid of pretty tights rather ~


I do agree OTK socks should have been used, but I sadly don't own any :(
It shall be on my next order :)

Thanks to both of you.
And especially Ita for that awesome comment <3

Actually, Claire's is stocking some pretty cute OTK socks these days (or they were the last time I was in one).
The quality won't be mindblowing, but, hell, they're socks and they're cheaper than brand!

No Claire's in Quebec ;__;

You've got black on you.

This dress fits you very well, love it! I really like this over all outfit. I agree for the knee socks!

And last comment is I would totally want you to try to be more creative with your hair. ;D

내가 제일 잘나가

(July 31, 2011 10:50 PM)Tsewyou said: No Claire's in Quebec ;__;

and they don't have them on the site either for me to show you and pick up a pair, nor do i own a camera phone

Also, agreeing with Pomme on the hair thing, but I'm so useless with working with real hair that I feel like I can't comment on it LOL

I suck at doing stuff with my hair xD.
I shaaalll leaaaaarn and try sooooooooooon *fist in the air*

...I just wear wigs most of the time lmao.

Wow, is that what you wore for Katiana's annual summer tea party? Very elegant :) ♥ But damn you must have been hot all in black outside :P I remember how last year we were dying x)

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Looking for

70s style bell bottom jeans
Gold metallic like this or beige bejeweled heels like that

Aaaaw thanks Marie!
And yes, this is my outfit I wore for Katianas teaparty!
It was hot but it was windy also!

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